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Member Since: 20/04/2018

Corporate Information
Business Address: Office 23, 1st Floor, Road 3614,Block 436 Al Seef Area, Manama Bahrain
Tel: +971 (4) 3695700, +973 (17) 530259
Fax: +973 (17) 530256
Current Website: www.dnbsame.com
Email: Reception@dnbsame.com
Employee Size (Range):
Registration Information
Line of Business: Provides information retrieval services
SIC Codes:
73750000 - Information retrieval services
73230000 - Credit reporting services
Business Type: Foreign Branch
Date of Registration: 2004
Registration Number: 54457

D&B Information
DUNS Number: 534596577
Credit Report Availability: On Demand
Key Employees
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Mirchandani, Rajesh
Group Financial Controller: Mr. Khetan , Bineet
General Manager: Mr. Iyer, Suryanarayanan

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