Dun & Bradstreet’s flagship product for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal, has expanded in Nigeria to incorporate two new variants. The D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal empowers small and medium businesses to boost their visibility and enhance their credibility in the eyes of future customers and important business partners.

Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies, leading Nigerian companies, regional governments, and organizations of all shapes and sizes utilize Dun & Bradstreet’s data to find new business opportunities and manage risks. The D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal enables SMEs to stand out in Dun & Bradstreet’s database.

A gateway to access over 540 million businesses, D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal Premium and VIP extensions provide organizations with an avenue to attract global prospects, increase business opportunities, and gain an edge in the competitive arena. Additionally, it grants a badge of authenticity to companies, validating their credibility to potential clients.

With the incorporation of new variants, companies now have the opportunity to select the option that suits their specific needs.

The VIP and Premium options enable organizations to include management profiles, linkage information, up to 10 verified on-site pictures, customer testimonials, and audited documentation on their profiles. By including specific business information on D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal profiles, companies will be able to better apprise customers about their functions, resulting in a targeted clientele.

By displaying a dedicated seal on company collaterals, businesses can effectively increase their visibility and attract more business through the D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal.

Talking about the D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal, Womo Justin Diriyai Diryai, Country Head, Dun & Bradstreet Nigeria said that “for a long time, small and medium-sized businesses of Nigeria have taken advantage of the solution to increase domestic and global recognition. This motivated Dun & Bradstreet to introduce and incorporate the new extensions.

“The new variants permit companies to add more business information to their portals and secure targeted leads. In the ever-evolving business landscape of Nigeria, companies of all sizes require an edge over others to enhance business. The D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal provides that advantage to them.

“With the addition of new variants, organizations can select from a diverse pool of D-U-N-S RegisteredTM Seal options and make a selection based on their need.

“I am hopeful that new variants will attract an extraordinary response from the companies in Nigeria.”

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