How To Prevent The Disruption Of Your Supply Chain
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Supply Portfolio Manager

Helping you see the full picture.

Prevent the disruption of your Supply Chain

Supplier Portfolio Manager is an online analysis tool which merges your vendor data with D&B’s databases to provide a unique insight into your supplier portfolios from buyers or business unit spend to how your suppliers are linked and what their main business activities are.

Supplier Portfolio Manager provides answers to critical questions like

  • How much do you spend?
  • How many suppliers do you do business with?
  • Who is at risk? Critical suppliers, key suppliers and/or suppliers who are customers?
  • Do critical suppliers have the cash flow to complete orders?
  • Where is the risk located – industry, spend category, geography and business unit?
  • How much do you spend with a specific supplier who may have multiple locations and business operations?
  • How much do you spend in different sectors of industry?
  • How many suppliers do you have in each industry?
  • How dependent are your suppliers on your business?
  • What is the risk to supply from different countries?
  • How is your risk changing over the next 12 months?
  • If the risk changes in your portfolio how should your policies change?
  • How do worldwide events affect my business?

Benefit from the most comprehensive Global Database, state-of-the-art analytics and the best quality data in the market.

Supplier Portfolio alerts

D&B data is refreshed monthly or daily according to your preferences and you can update your data with supplier data at any time. Through Supplier Portfolio Manager Alerts you can be told of significant changes within your portfolio to avoid supply chain disruption risk. You can manage what alerts are generated by determining your own customized triggers and then review all suppliers with a change through View Alerts or request notification via email. For example: identify those suppliers that have moved between your defined risk bands or whose D&B score has changed by more than 10.

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Analyzing your supplier portfolio

Supplier Portfolio Manager gives you four types of analysis together with the ability to ‘drill down’ to individual suppliers and click through to access D&B business information reports online

Supplier Analysis

Provides a breakdown of the overall risk structure and the common characteristics of your supplier portfolio. Your suppliers and spend are aggregated using criteria such as: business size, business age, legal form, geographical location and predictive risk score.

Supplier Linkages

Analyze your aggregated spend amounts by global ultimate holding company and primary activity sector. By leveraging the power of D&B family trees of corporate linkages you will not only be able to understand your total spend with a group and negotiate cost savings but also identify potential cross-source opportunities within the same supply family.

Supplier Relations

Review the risk associated with each supplier and using the D&B scores identifies which suppliers may experience financial or potential cash flow difficulties in the next 12 months and identify which of your suppliers have the highest dependency on you.

Portfolio Dashboard

This gives a summarized view of your supplier portfolio by risk of future failure. It enables a review of the distribution of spend amount by D&B Failure score, Risk category and supplier type; aggregated and split by D&B failure risk band and suppliers by spend that are also customers.

Archive and Settings History

Keeps a history of all changes that may impact a business decision, including a history of all reports ordered, alerts raised, notes added, user setting changes and system setting changes for up to 24 months. This allows you to fully understand all the criteria for a business decision at any point in time.

A full picture of your Supply Chain Risk

Supplier Portfolio Manager is an extremely versatile product that can be used for a surprising number of applications. Here are just a few examples of the power of how Supplier Portfolio Manager can be used

  • Manage multiple buyers or business units – View individual supplier or aggregated ledger risk
  • Cross-border supplier management – Analyze cross-country portfolios in a consistent format
  • Mergers and acquisitions – Manage the merger/demerger of a supplier and its effect on your portfolio
  • Supplier spend strategy planning – Customize your policy by the line of business age legal form or location
  • Business reporting – Provides powerful reporting to senior managers which combines your supplier information with external risk indicators

Product features

Accounts Payable Extractor – Easily transfer A/P data from your system to Supplier Portfolio Manager

Global Coverage

Country Risk Analysis – Access to macro level socio-economic analysis

D&B machine match – set-up

Online manual match

Portfolio Dashboard – overview of portfolio status

Custom Dashboard – Use your own data fields for comparison

Analysis – portfolio segmentation analysis

Relations – portfolio trend analysis

Linkages – portfolio risk aggregation analysis

Customized bands and analysis pages

Drill down to individual supplier

D&B online information

Improved customizable alerts functionality with archiving

Multi-currency analysis

Supplier search

View portfolio risk according to your own risk categories

Export portfolio data

Emerging markets analytics

Aggregation across group ledgers

Update your Supplier Information (such as Spend Values)

D&B information update monthly

Integration with Global Decision Maker

Multiple language accessibility

Historical analysis at Portfolio level down to individual Supplier level