Global Reference Solution By D&B
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Global Reference Solution

The power of D&B’s unrivalled global data coverage and the insight of D&B’s corporate linkage in a single service

Easy-to-use access to D&B’s Global Database

If you have responsibility in your company for business development, strategy and planning or research, you understand the importance of having access to all businesses in order to gain a complete picture of customers and prospects. It’s difficult to get timely, accurate information about businesses and to trace corporate hierarchies. Using multiple sources of information is expensive and inefficient.

Fortunately, D& B’s Global Reference Solution can help.

Global Reference Solution is the only comprehensive source of information on more than 400 million businesses worldwide. The database is refreshed daily, so you always have access to the most up-to-date information, giving you confidence when you need to make a business critical decision. You can access Global Reference Solutions through a simple user friendly web interface.

Easy-to-use access to DnB’s Global Database

Why Global Reference Solution?

D& B’s Global Reference Solutions gives you access to worldwide information that will help your company find the best possible prospects both domestic and international. It also helps you address a broad range of other business issues. Global Reference Solution also provides you with:

Why Global Reference Solution


Unrivalled access to over 400 million global businesses. No other provider can give you access to information on as many businesses.

Daily data refresh

Provide you with accurate data everyday so that you can ensure you can make business critical decisions with confidence.

Corporate Linkage

Allowing you to understand the broader picture of the underlying opportunities your customers might be posing to your business.

Data quality

Providing you with information which has gone through our DUNSRight™ Quality Process.

Customize your searches

More than 50 segmentation criteria will allow you to narrow down your searches to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum investment. Custom made searches are a significant tool to access and segment the world’s largest business database and use it for your purposes, and on top of the search criteria, you can exclude list of companies from your searches, like list of customers, blocked companies or business that had already been contacted.

Customize your searches
Check search results

Check search results

Did it ever occur to you that the database obtained didn’t match your expectations? With GRS you can visualize information on screen before proceeding to download it. This way, you will always be aware of the information included in your marketing lists. Global Reference Solution allows to make as many counts as needed until you obtain the exact profile you are looking for.

Analyze distribution

You can analyze the segmentation through a double entry matrix and know in detail how the records are distributed within a given search. This will allow you to select the most relevant cluster and further narrow down your selection, so you can maximize efficiency.

Analyze distribution
what information will you find

What information will you find?

What does the company do: The line of business, Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC), NACE, UNSPSC and even your own activity codes.

Where does the business operate: The trading address, telephone number.

Who runs the company: The names of executives, functional managers, partners or proprietor.

How large the company is: The number of employees, sales, net worth.

For how long the company has been operating.

What corporate family owns the business and who are they part of and where does the company fit within the corporate family.

Which business relationships exist within a corporate family structure from a minority holding ownership perspective.

Which other businesses operate from the same address or with the same phone or fax number?

What executives have left a trail of failed businesses during their careers.

Global Reference Solution.
Much more than a sales and marketing tool.

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Prevent fraud

Uncover fraud by understanding the signals deceitful companies and executives leave behind.

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Avoid conflicts of interest

Navigate through complex corporate structures to avoid dealing with companies not suiting your business ethics.

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Minimize uncertainty

Ensure you have access to as many business records as possible, enabling you to conduct rigorous compliance checks.

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Improve compliance

Understand executive business affiliations and avoid associating with fraudulent companies and prospects.