Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, January 3, 2023: In recognition of Export Bahrain’s efforts to promote businesses and facilitate their growth regionally and internationally, it was recently awarded the D-U-N-S® Registered Seal by Dun & Bradstreet. Moreover, Export Bahrain has partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to offer the Seal to members at exclusive rates.

Dun & Bradstreet is a global database of over 500 million business records, the world’s largest provider of business information about companies. D-U-N-S® is a guarantee that foreign partners can easily obtain information on companies and quickly make decisions concerning prospective partnerships. In a testament to its accomplishments, Export Bahrain was awarded a Seal and has partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to enable companies in Bahrain to acquire it to support them in various aspects.

This new partnership will facilitate e-commerce for Bahraini brands looking to expand, in line with Export Bahrain’s vision to encourage exports and help recognize Bahraini brands in markets across the GCC region and worldwide. Getting a D-U-N-S® seal builds credibility by helping potential partners, suppliers and vendors determine whether they should do business with a company. Bahraini brands can win more business in today’s dynamic commercial landscape with the help of the Seal and, at the same time, attract more attention from the worldwide market, improving chances of getting better trade terms.

On this occasion, Export Bahrain Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Safa Sharif AbdulKhaliq, said: “In the last four years, Export Bahrain has exhibited outstanding resilience and success against pre-existing and new challenges and complexities. The Seal works like a verified ‘business card’ for any company seeking to improve their credibility with potential contractors and step foot into the ever-growing international market. We have proved our capabilities and potential withstanding the test of time, and the ongoing pandemic, thus establishing that we are immensely capable of giving brands magnificent opportunities for worldwide expansion and collaborations. It is crucial to liaise and help brands execute international trade transactions. In all of this, trust plays an important role.”

Siddhartha Biswas, Regional Director for Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd., said, “Dun & Bradstreet is delighted to empower Export Bahrain with this digital Seal of trust. By adding the D-U-N-S® Registered Seal, entities can present themselves as registered and verified by D&B, boosting their visibility and credibility in global export/import opportunities. D&B would be a powerful platform for Export Bahrain and Bahraini companies – 90% of the global Fortune 500 companies and companies of all sizes worldwide rely on Dun & Bradstreet to onboard suppliers and customers.”

Export Bahrain, in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, strives to boost Bahraini brands regionally and globally. This new partnership will enhance the brand’s reputation and add legitimacy to the business, highlighting trustworthiness to a potential partner or supplier.