Dun-Trade Program To Know The Payment Behaviour Of Companies
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Dun-Trade Program

The Dun-Trade Program is an exclusive service that enables Dun & Bradstreet’s customers to know the payment behaviour of companies. It’s an information exchange program, among several partners of the D&B WWN and local corporates, in which the participants provide a list of the outstanding and collected bills of all their customers, both local and international. The identities of the participants remain totally confidential.

On a monthly basis, participants share with Dun & Bradstreet a pre-defined file containing information on outstanding bills, payment terms, and effective date of collection

It is important to remark that the Dun-Trade program is unique in its class, allowing to know, with fully reliable data, the payment behaviour of companies. Payment behaviour refers not only to default in payments, but also payment patterns, including prompt payment or how different types of bills are paid.


The PAYDEX index is one of the most valued indicators for international businesses. Based on the information from the Dun-Trade program, Dun & Bradstreet elaborates an indicator that determines, with a high degree of accuracy, how many days does a company delay its payments. PAYDEX is a numerical indicator running from 0 to 100. The highest the score, the better the payment behaviour is.

Along with the index, Dun & Bradstreet’s international Business Information Reports show the information upon it is based on, showing the delay for different amount bands.


What is the differential value of the PAYDEX index?

  • The PAYDEX index is a powerful tool to predict your needs of cash-flow.
  • Used in combination with other Dun & Bradstreet’s scores and ratings.
  • It will help you protect your business not only against risk exposure, but also against late payments.

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