Our typical engagements cover the following areas:

  • Market Assessment to identify current market structure, market size, key competitors, business growth opportunities, global trends, technology innovations, etc
  • Review of Internal operations to review structure, operations, and processes to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of Growth strategy and business plan highlighting products/solutions, positioning, channels, structure, IT infrastructure, etc., required to implement the strategy
  • Development of Strategy Map, Balanced Scorecard, and initiatives for effective Strategy Implementation

Some Cases We Have Done In The Recent Years Have Been Outlined Here

Detailed Transformation And Execution Plan For A Kraft Paper Manufacturer In Qatar

A detailed review of the overall operation of the company. Identified gaps in the product, target market, and other strategic and operational aspects of the business. Developed detailed recommendations with quantified and achievable benefits. Developed a detailed transformation plan, along with a debt restructuring plan to the business to achieve a successful turn-around.

Leading Aluminum Producer in the GCC

Feasibility and Risk Assessment of a new logistics plan for imported raw materials. Reviewed the proposed inward logistics plan and its impact across the supply chain by assessing its impact on production, processes, people, infrastructure, and financials.

Detailed Transformation and Execution Plan for a Leading Switchgear Manufacturer in the GCC

Due diligence of all business operations followed by recommendations to mitigate challenges. A detailed transformation plan was developed with a focus on key financial impact areas.

Business Transformation Plan and Debt Restructuring Solution for a 4-star Hotel in Qatar

D&B assessed and recommended changes to all key revenue streams, marketing and operational processes, pricing, additional service offerings, branding, and revenue sharing agreements with franchisors of the hotel. A detailed implementation plan, along with financial forecasts, was developed to enable the business to transform and pay off its debt obligations.