Some cases we have done in the recent years have been outlined here

Conceptual Feasibility Of Group Purchasing For Imported Raw Materials In Qatar

D&B was mandated by a leading GCC based SME Development Entity to develop and test the feasibility of a group purchasing concept. The objective was to:

  • Identify raw materials for which group purchase would be viable
  • Assess the feasibility of group purchasing program
  • Develop the operating model for implementation of this concept

Support in the opening of GS1 Member Office in Qatar

D&B provided support to help establish the GS1 local office in Qatar by conducting a feasibility study for the concept and estimating uptake for the new barcode system. D&B worked closely with all the relevant stakeholders in the Qatari ecosystem and helped prepare the roadmap for the implementation of the project in Qatar.

Business Optimism Index (BOI)

A propriety product of D&B providing an outlook of the [AS1] economy. We typically conduct over five hundred interviews on a quarterly basis to understand the pulse of the business community. D&B has published its own BOI over the years, as well as developed BOIs for various government entities.

Franchise Assessment and Development Program for SMEs Across GCC

Developed multiple programs in multiple countries across the GCC to build SMEs capacity and enable them to develop franchise concepts that are robust and competitive locally as well as internationally.

Designed and Implemented Multiple Award Programs for SMEs

D&B has worked with multiple SME Development Entities to design, develop, launch, and implement SME award programs as well as Entrepreneur award programs. D&B has developed a robust and precise framework to assess companies, conduct site visits and interviews, managing the entire application, evaluation, and award process.

Overall Strategy and Feasibility of a Ready-Built Factory Program

The scope of the project was to conduct benchmarking of similar concepts, identify additional services that can be offered, assess financial feasibility, and derive strategic recommendations for the business model, layout plan, identify target industries, and define the operating model.

State of SME Report

D&B has developed multiple detailed reports on the state of SMEs in UAE as well as Qatar over the years. For these reports, we have conducted interviews with over 300 SMEs. The reports provide critical data about the SME sector, as well as qualitative insights in terms of trends, challenges, and drivers. These have been used for strategic decision making for public and private entities in the region.