Some Cases We Have Done In The Recent Years Have Been Outlined Here

Export Markets Strategy Development

Review overall exports market landscape in the country. Understand competitiveness of the country in terms of products and services, and markets served.  Study export development support offered by various entities in the country, and benchmark against leading TPOs (Trade Promotion Offices) regionally and globally to identify gaps in the service offerings. Interviews with leading and potential exporters in the country. Develop export strategy for the county, identify key products and services, key markets, and local infrastructure development to support export growth.

Export Center Set-up and Strategy Development

Understand the export landscape, market gaps and challenges faced by exporters, to establish a new and dedicated Export Development Center in the country. Design the overall operating framework and governance model for the new entity. Develop the organization structure, and implementation plan for next 3 years including products and services to be offered by the entity. The recommendations also included an overarching strategy for the organization to follow once established.

Industry and Market Studies

D&B has conducted several Industry, sector, and product market studies for the government sector as well as corporate clients. These studies help detail out the market landscape, legal framework, operating model, competitive landscape, local market pricing, and identify opportunities for export.

Export Product Development, and Policy Support

Review existing Products, Programs, Policies and processes to identify gaps. Recommend key changes to help serve clients more effectively and efficiently. Develop detailed product manuals, policy documents, along with supporting processes, forms, templates, and checklists.