Dun & Bradstreet’s Portfolio Manager is a permanent audit of your portfolio debt to help you prevent bad debt, adapt collections policies and drive sustainable growth

Cutting-edge solution for best finance practices

Use advanced tools to drive growth across your organization. Portfolio Manager is an online access tool that will help you gain a powerful insight into your customer portfolio. By combining your customer information with data from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, you will see a clear picture of the risk associated with your portfolio.

Stay Up to Date

Portfolio Manager features an advanced alert system to keep you always informed of the relevant changes in your portfolio. The alerts are highly customizable, can combine multiple events and automatically trigger several pre-defined actions.

Uncover hidden threats

Use business linkages to discover business groups in your customer portfolio and consolidate the risk associated with complex corporate structures.

Dashboard: a bird’s eye view of your customer portfolio

Spot the main features of your customer portfolio at a glance using a customizable Dashboard, including the analyses more relevant to your business. Drill down into each cluster to know all details effortlessly.

Multiple Analysis Options

Use your own defined risk criteria to generate segmentation and analysis. This will provide you with a breakdown of the overall risk structure, as well as help you understand trend performances in your portfolio, improving your capabilities to optimize collections and reserve strategies.