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Strategic partnerships & Alliances

Use data to guarantee regulatory compliance

Our partners integrate a wide range of BUSINESS DATA SOLUTION WITH STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP @D&BSame products and services in their offerings to customers which include highly specialized data feeds, credit reports, ratings and niche data sets.

BUSINESS DATA SOLUTION WITH STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP @D&BSame has had several years of rich experience in leveraging its knowledge and information capabilities in multiple alliances with key government institutions, giving an unmatched familiarity with the procedural working of these institutions. These alliances have strengthened Dun & Bradstreet’s vision of fostering the growth and development of businesses, largely the SME sectors in the region.

Credit Bureaus

Dun & Bradstreet has, and supports, Credit Bureaus in several countries in the South-Asia, Middle-East and Africa region. We have strategic arrangements with Credit Bureaus in Tanzania and Ghana to support local banks and institutions with our comprehensive services.