D&B Onboard - How To Avoid Compliance Threats With Due Diligence
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D&B Onboard

Avoid compliance threats with comprehensive due diligence

Detection is the best protection

Claiming you were unaware is not an acceptable defense if your business becomes the target of an investigation and it’s found that you are involved with a corrupt or unethical business partner. Even though businesses understand the importance of due diligence, they still struggle with it. Information is available but dispersed across multiple sources, making due diligence a manual and cumbersome process. For this reason, many businesses are unable to conduct due diligence efficiently and find it difficult to:

Verify: Know if a business and its principals are who they say they are.

Consolidate information from hundreds of adverse databases in order to conduct a thorough evaluation and make informed compliance decisions.

Digitally document: Respond quickly to auditors and regulators to demonstrate due diligence was performed.

More efficient, easier and thorough due diligence

D&B Onboard is a comprehensive online research tool that provides streamlined access to information that helps verify the identity of businesses and principals and screen them for compliance risk. It electronically documents your due diligence process for easy storage and retrieval to provide evidence to internal auditors and external regulators. It’s a user-friendly, intuitive solution that streamline corporate due diligence for faster, knowledge-based compliance decisions.

  • Online research tool to access multiple sources of compliance data from a single location
  • Enhanced specialty compliance data for the most comprehensive compliance review
  • Corporate linkage to see the complete picture of a business’s family tree
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Dig deeper with D&B Onboard

You may be able to get certain parts of what you need to perform due diligence from other sources, including other departments within your own company, but only D&B Onboard delivers seamless access to all your compliance needs – in one place. D&B Onboard provides:

Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Identification Information

  • Complete accurate up-to-date firmographic operational and financial information on over 400 million business records
  • D&B’s D-U-N-S® Number to tie all relevant information to the right business identity
  • Corporate Linkage to see the complete picture of a business’ global family tree
  • Business principals to help determine what individuals to evaluate for compliance risk-Reputable External Compliance-Specific Information
  • Over 400 watch and sanctions lists
  • Over 200000 politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Over 10k news sources for adverse global media coverage

D&B Onboard delivers access to the global data you need to make all your onboarding checks in one place. It removes the need for multiple reference data providers, so you can conduct due diligence more efficiently, increase your compliance with legislation and start working with businesses sooner.