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Economic Analysis Group

Economic Analysis Group is a key unit that helps D&B track economies and sectors globally, and provide strategic insights. Some of the key reports/ publications from this group have been:

Business Optimism Index

The D&B Business Optimism Index is widely recognized as an indicator that measures the pulse of the business community and serves as a reliable benchmark for investors. The index is arrived at on the basis of a quarterly survey of business expectations.

The GCC SME Monitor

Annual publication that provides an in-depth understanding of the SME sector developments in the region. It presents insights into the SME eco-system in various GCC countries with focus on areas like entrepreneurship, government initiatives & banking & credit environment and business challenges impacting the SME sector.

The Emerging SME Series

D&B conceptualized and launched the ‘Emerging SMEs’ series by providing information on over 4000 SMEs. The publication covers SME contact details, nature of operations, product range, as well as key management information. Apart from this, a survey conducted for these SMEs also includes insights on growth prospects and key obstacles to growth.

Thought Papers

Background Paper on ‘India Global Summit on MSMEs – The Demand, Growth and Development approach to SMEs’, Paper on inter-linkage of Business Scoring Model with developmental perspectives and Articles on Impact Assessment of Tamkeen Financing Scheme.

Business Insight Series

D&B’s Business Insight Series is a collection of research initiatives, providing regular updates on the economies in South Asia, Middle East & Africa. Some of the key current titles include.

  • Weekly Gulf Business Bulletin.
  • Monthly Stock Market updates for GCC and Egypt.
  • D&B Country Reports.

Global Business Risk Report (GBRR, formerly the Global Risk Matrix)

This ranks the biggest threats to business based on each risk scenario’s potential impact on companies, assigning a score to each risk. The scores from the top ten risks are used to calculate an overall Global Business Impact (GBI) score.


The corporate publications are compendiums of the current trends & overview of various sectors, encompassing the prominent players in each sector. It serves as a ready reckoner nationally & internationally for the sector in discussion.


The Economic Analysis publishes Whitepapers on a regular basis across a multitude of topics.