Business Information Report By Dun & Bradstreet
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Business Information Report

Increase your cash flow through better credit decision making.

Unrivaled data and analytics to help you evaluate new and existing customers, set and manage credit limits, perform customer credit analysis, create a bad debt reserve and adapt your collections.

Get to know all the essential information of a company before establishing a commercial relationship, and keep a close eye on your existing customers. D&B’s international Business Information Report (BIR) will allow you to determine the company’s financial strength, financial stability and payment performance.

A set of best-in-class analytics will help you predicting the likelihood of a company going bankrupt or delaying its payments.

data and analytics to help you evaluate new and existing customers
Business Information Report to reduce your risk exposure

How to use a BIR

Use an updated Business Information Report to reduce your risk exposure thanks to advanced data analytics. Dun & Bradstreet has the largest business database in the world, giving you access to global company linkages that will allow you to uncover hidden threats and opportunities.

Verify the existence of a business and be aware of its business lines.
Use best-in-class analytics to predict a company’s performance.
Analyze the business’s financial standing.
Get to know the payment behavior thanks to our proprietary Dun Trade program and Paydex index.
Be aware of the full company structure at a global scale.
Know the company’s owners and key managers.

Improve your company’s performance adopting data-driven decision processes, using the most reliable information source.


Prevent fraud before establishing a commercial relationship.


Use predictive indicators to adapt your credit limits and collections policies.


Mitigate financial risk


Avoid cash flow problems by knowing your customer’s payment behavior.


Detect conflicts of interest, find new potential customers and consolidate suppliers.


Know the persons within and behind an organization.

What includes an international Business Information Report?

Our Business Information Reports include up to date information, collected from public, private, and D&B owned data sources. We apply country specific algorithms to transform this data into easy to use analytics, allowing our customers to have a clear understanding of the financial situation of any company.

Below you will find the essential elements present in the Business Information Report.

Business Summary

Factual information on the existence, operations, financial condition, management experience, line of business, facilities and locations of the subject company.

D&B Rating

Gives you a quick assessment of a firm’s size and composite credit appraisal, based on the company’s financial statements and an overall evaluation of the firm’s creditworthiness.

Principals information

Current and previous management of the company, including names, roles and other management positions throughout their careers.

D&B Paydex score

An objective assessment of the speed at which a company pays their invoices, based on actual payment experiences of several companies, reported to Dun & Bradstreet under the Dun Trade program. This program compiles all payment experiences of the participant companies, giving an accurate idea of their payment behavior.

History, special events & operations data

Incorporation details, par value of shares and ownership information. Related companies, including identification of parent, affiliates, subsidiaries and/or branches worldwide. Special events, as well as any suits, liens, judgments or previous/pending bankruptcies.

Global Family Tree

Insight into the national and international family relations. Information about national and world wide, all subsidiaries, branches and letters of reliability. Parent company, affiliated concerns, subsidiaries, branches and divisions, referenced with name and D&B D-U-N-S® Number.

Credit limit recommendation

A maximum outstanding credit recommendation based algorithms developed by our experts, adapted to the local economies.

Payment history

Summary of the payment experiences reported to Dun & Bradstreet under the Dun Trade program.

Credit decision-making made easier with

Local insight. Global reach

Credit decision-making made easier with
best-in-class analytics, global financials and predictive indicators.

Whether your business is local or you operate at a Global scale, DNBSAME has the right report for you. Thanks to the D&B Worldwide Network, we can give you access to the most accurate information in each country, with custom made analytics that benefit from both the global experience and local specific knowledge. Our Global Database comprises more than 400 million companies, with more than 375 million data elements updated every day. Thanks to this, we can provide you with the most reliable Business Information Reports, so you can make the best business decisions.