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Market Assessment/ Strategy Development

Market Assessment – Strategy Development

D&B has been involved in developing growth strategies for clients in the government & private sectors in the region. Our typical engagements cover following areas:

  • Market Assessment to identify current market structure, market size, key competitors, business growth opportunities, global trends, technology innovations, etc.
  • Review of Internal operations to review structure, operations, and processes to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Development of Growth strategy and business plan highlighting products/solutions, positioning, channels, structure, IT infrastructure, etc., required to implement the strategy.
  • Development of Strategy Map, Balanced Scorecard, and initiatives for effective Strategy Implementation.

In addition to developing the overall organisational strategies, we also help clients to address specific business challenges, and help develop more focussed strategic elements. This would cover elements such as product strategy, product-market mix, market sizing, customer segmentation, channel strategies, among several others.