Best Approaches of Impact Assessment VIA Studies!
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Impact Assessment Studies

Impact Assessment Studies

Impact Assessments are formal, evidence-based studies to assess the economic, social, and environmental effects of government policy and programs. These Impact assessment studies evaluations are rigorous systematic empirical studies, usually based on data and statistical techniques to measure outcomes and quantify the impact of the program or policy.

Benefits of Impact Assessment Studies

  • Quantify the effects of government policies and programs.
  • Refine policies and programs to better fit objectives.
  • Improve program targeting by identifying which firms benefit the most, or what barriers prevent others from gaining from intervention.
  • Help prioritize resources by identifying the most cost-effective policies.
  • Trace impact of different stages of an intervention so that evaluators are able to distinguish which key step in the program is not working as expected.
  • Help to improve existing programs by comparing alternative design choices.
  • Introduce and design the most effective potential interventions (programs, policies, and regulations) based on a thorough ex-ante impact analysis.

D&B has been one of the leading advocates and practitioners of impact assessment studies in the region. We have worked with several leading developmental entities in the GCC region for impact assessment of their various funding and non-funding-based programs.

Our impact assessment studies have been conducted for the entire organization or for specific programs. Some of the key programs we have done impact assessment studies for, include:

Financing Scheme/ Fund

Market Access and Export Development Support Programs.

Training and Capability Development Support.

Business Advisory Support.

Business Incubator Support

ICT Support Schemes

Government Procurement Program for SMEs

Home based business license scheme, etc.