The Perfect Business Methodology Of Process Improvement!
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Process Improvement

Process Improvement Strategies

D&B has worked with several high-profile clients in the government and private sector to develop/ enhance/ re-engineer their policies and processes to help meet strategic objectives.

We follow a robust and comprehensive policy/ process review and documentation framework built upon years of process experience of our team across multiple industries. We ensure that we develop a good understanding of the organization’s strategy, and growth plans, while designing the processes.

All processes are reviewed critically, if they are really needed, can they be merged with some other processes, or can they be simplified. This approach ensures we develop processes that are robust, easy to use, and continue to serve the organization in the long run.

Our process manuals are written in a simple and easy to understand language, capturing all process nuances. We take special care to ensure that we include appropriate control mechanisms and accountability measures to streamline the process.


Project Brief

Scope of work

Strategic Office, Govt. in GCC

Development of Business Operations Processes

Procurement, Administration, Finance, Human Resources and Strategic Initiatives

Asset Management Company, UAE

Development of Corporate Policies and Processes

Procurement & Administration. Finance, Legal, Property Management, Facilities Management & Land

Govt Entity, UAE

Development of Business Operations Processes

Operations Department (Funding, Monitoring & Evaluation and Support functions)

Leading University, Bahrain

Developing Administrative Policies and Process Manuals

Administration, Business Continuity, Finance, Organization Structure, HR, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Legal & Board Affairs

Manufacturing company, Bahrain

Development of Performance Management Framework & Creation of Job Description

Human Resources Department