The global business ecosystem continues to evolve day after day, requiring businesses to implement diverse strategies to maintain their market share and materialize expansion plans. Given the rapid growth of the global business environment, companies may experience difficulties with regard to establishing credibility and securing the trust of stakeholders for potential partnerships and business deals.

Lack of trust in a company from the stakeholders can sabotage its business altogether and jeopardize its growth. Additionally, it can dampen the future prospects of the company.

Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Rating Report™ can effectively solve this problem for businesses.

The Business Rating Report™ is a powerful, customizable report with detailed, in-depth analysis and a four-star scale rating.

A smart way to bring credibility and trust to your business, the Business Rating Report™ helps position businesses better and acts as a catalyst in generating interest among existing and potential business partners.

It is a proactive tool for businesses seeking to demonstrate their profile and showcase an accurate picture to stakeholders on a global scale.

Key insights

The Dun & Bradstreet Business Rating Report™:

  • Enables quicker and better-informed decisions for a company’s stakeholders
  • Builds confidence of key stakeholders and assists in enhancing a firm’s bargaining power
  • Acts as a catalyst in generating interest among potential trading partners
  • Provides a D-U-N-S® Number – the most widely accepted global standard for authenticating businesses

The Business Rating Report™ is the perfect tool to evaluate a company’s financial statements, value chains, company details and family tree, operational details, summary, risk assessment, financial analysis, and a lot more.

Multifaceted benefits

The Business Rating Report™ brings a handful of benefits for the companies including:

Transparency: Dun & Bradstreet ensures transparency in its report and rating

Stakeholder confidence: The Business Rating Report™ boosts the confidence of the stakeholders on a company

Visibility: Being part of D&B’s Database enhances a company’s visibility and discoverability in the global market

Private & confidential: D&B Business Rating Report™ is confidential, and it is privately owned by the beneficiary.

Tenders & Contracts: Showcasing the D&B rating in tenders and contracts adds value to the company’s overall value proposition. This allows a client to gather helpful information on business prospects.

Access to lending: Build a credit profile with D&B to drive confidence among creditors, banks, and investors. D&B rating could help you to enjoy favorable credit terms.

Marketing: The Business Rating Report™ (BRR) is projected on the D&B global database and showcases companies’ products and services. The D&B global database is used by the largest and most reputable companies and organizations.

Internal analysis: The report analyzes a company’s business performance to plan, strategize, and define targets for the business to drive sales and profitability. It also allows fair evaluation amongst peers within the industry.

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