Businesses all over the globe persistently encounter a diverse variety of risks that emerge out of their day-to-day operations. Companies often face multiple risks at the same time, making it difficult for them to operate efficiently and achieve economies of scale.

Identification and mitigation of the gaps present in risk management mechanisms can prove to be a major challenge for companies of all sizes.

With the recent launch of Dun & Bradstreet’s Risk Analytics, organizations will now find it easy to deal with different types of third-party risks emanating from their day-to-day operations. Backed by artificial intelligence, Risk Analytics assists companies in managing third-party risks including credit risk, procurement risk, supply chain risk, regulatory risk, and market risk.

Risk management refers to the mechanism of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and monitoring risk controls to safeguard the company from losses.

By highlighting gaps in third-party risk management of organizations, Risk Analytics aims to reduce the likelihood of business disruption.

D&B Risk Analytics empowers companies to monitor an extensive assortment of risk incidents, including those reported in global and regional markets, government and private databases, and corporate information. This cloud-based platform leverages Dun & Bradstreet’s best-in-class commercial data to help drive informed decisions throughout all third-party relationship lifecycles.

This revolutionary portal provides comprehensive, continuously updated data integrated into software to help you manage supplier risk.

Key functions

By availing Risk Analytics, companies can assess their portfolio for a wide variety of risks such as credit risk, cyber risk, supply chain risk, and ESG risk.

Moreover, companies can easily obtain ESG rankings, perform compliance screening, and search third parties through D&B Risk Analytics.

Businesses can utilize the compliance screening service offered as part of this product to perform quick and comprehensive checks on third parties and remain confident of their investment.

Risk Analytics sends alerts of key business metrics to companies to save them from disruptions.

Under the restricted party screening service, Risk Analytics makes businesses aware of sanctions, politically exposed persons, and adverse media coverage of third-party entities.

A key feature offered as part of Risk Analytics by Dun & Bradstreet is ESG Intelligence. This service is designed to help organizations incorporate environmental, social, and governance evaluation components into their risk management processes to help manage risk and drive performance.

A catalyst for efficient risk management

D&B Risk Analytics allows companies to intelligently manage risk by avoiding gaps in third-party risk management and reducing the likelihood of operational disruption. This D&B tool highlights and alerts the company about critical indicators of third-party risk including risk conditions, cyber risk, and business profiles.

This revolutionary portal also improves business efficiency as it predicts and mitigates risk quickly with near real-time global visibility. Dun & Bradstreet’s new scalable and collaborative solution features intuitive screening workflows, personalized risk views, and automated alerts relevant to your business and role. It is one of the very few products on the market that provides both comprehensive continuously updated data integrated into software to manage risk.

Moreover, Risk Analytics enhances business intelligence by increasing the visibility of a company’s supply chain with an innovative interface that allows it to quickly and easily manage and monitor its supplier portfolio.

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