Companies all over the world face multi-faceted issues throughout their business lifecycles. One crucial challenge encountered by businesses from time to time relates to financial and credit management. Inattention and neglect towards financial matters can result in a huge blow to businesses because their financial and credit receipts are used to run day-to-day operations.

Moreover, businesses with smooth income streams might find it difficult to identify the potential risk and growth opportunities across their account base. On the flip side, companies might meet with hardships while making efforts to streamline their dues and receivables.

Businesses also confront troubles related to the improvement of operational efficiency and the betterment of business insight.

Finance analytics, a credit-to-cash solution from Dun & Bradstreet, assists companies in dealing with all these problems.

Finance Analytics is a global AI-driven platform for finance leaders who want to transform their finance operations and reduce costs through insight, automation, and enhanced customer experience.

Powered by Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud, Finance Analytics is an intelligent, configurable, and easy-to-use portal that allows finance teams to smoothly manage risk, increase operational efficiency, and enhance their business insight.

This credit-to-cash solution aids companies in managing credit and receivables risk by helping them understand the level of potential risk across their customer portfolio to help minimize bad debt and improve cash flow.

It raises the operational efficiency of businesses by eliminating the need for most manual decisions, monitoring, matching, and communication regarding a customer’s account status.

It also grants users access to comprehensive reports that provide exceptional insight to help companies understand current credit and receivables risk to enhance business insight.

D&B Finance Analytics is a blend of Credit Intelligence and Receivables Intelligence. These two features jointly provide powerful insights and technology to help businesses accelerate success throughout their credit-to-cash processes.

D&B Credit Intelligence

D&B Credit Intelligence is a scalable solution that provides everything from comprehensive credit reports to end-to-end automation.

It allows users to access credit reports featuring AI-driven credit scores and ratings. Moreover, it assists businesses in easily implementing automated decisions and account reviews.

With its global portfolio management capabilities and enhanced portfolio insight reports, Credit Intelligence helps enterprises understand total potential risk and identify growth opportunities across their account base.

With Credit Intelligence, businesses can automate credit decisions, monitor their global portfolio, and transform account reviews.

Through the restricted party screening feature, Credit Intelligence helps enhance the regulatory risk assessments of businesses against government sanctions and watchlists, including for politically exposed persons (PEPs). Restricted Party Screening helps businesses make decisions on the right entities with the right data, which can help determine the right level of financial and regulatory risk in one cost-effective solution.

D&B Receivables Intelligence

D&B Receivables Intelligence combines artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to streamline your accounts receivable processes.

By streamlining collections, D&B Receivables Intelligence provides a collaborative and comprehensive automated collections management solution that allows companies to prioritize collections, manage disputes, and simplify workflows for increased efficiency.

It also enables companies to leverage pre-configured reports and dashboards to validate strategy effectiveness. In addition, it modernizes cash management process with artificial intelligence.

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