Improve Procurement: Best Possible Ways To Increase Efficiency In 2020
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Improve Procurement

Third party management made easier.

Smart solutions to streamline procurement processes, access alternative providers and improve due diligence.

Some markets present a challenging landscape for data driven decision making. The lack of reliable, automated data sources, along with a cultural trend for non-transparent businesses practices, results in a lack of company information that makes procurement management even more challenging.

Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Africa provides solutions specifically conceived for emerging markets, enabling procurement teams to find alternative suppliers and carry out due diligence tasks in an efficient manner.

Reduce risk of supply chain disruptions

A cutting-edge data cloud of suppliers will help your business to access a Universe of verified vendors and determine the risk posed by your current supplier base.

Help your suppliers thrive by giving them worldwide visibility, and most important: credibility.


Maximize cost efficiency

Identify groups of companies to consolidate commercial terms and count on a variety of manufacturers and traders of the products you need to improve your procurement process.

Bring ethics and transparency to the forefront

Partner up with an ethical third party, ensuring data security and confidentiality at all times, and reduce your dependency on personal contacts. Gain insight on company’s shareholding and management, avoiding exposure to compliance and reputational risk.


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Accelerate due diligence and find validated alternative providers.