Dun & Bradstreet proudly announces the expansion of its product catalog in Nigeria with two revolutionary solutions- D&B Finance Analytics and D&B Risk Analytics. The two products are aimed at streamlining finance operations and reforming third-party risk management for businesses.

The two flagship AI-enabled solutions are powered by the D&B Data Cloud that comprises 520 million+ data records and contains key insights on 340 million+ shareholders.

The Dun & Bradstreet Finance Analytics is a complete credit-to-cash portal that assists businesses in streamlining financial decisions, reducing credit risk, and minimizing bad receivables. Combining Credit Intelligence with Receivables Intelligence, this state-of-the-art product reduces company costs and enhances customer experience through credit automation and smooth cash management.

The second platform, Dun & Bradstreet Risk Analytics, helps companies manage regulatory and reputational risks emanating from their dealings with other companies.

 Dun & Bradstreet Risk Analytics monitors and evaluates third party risks through screening, ESG performance, risk scores, and disruption alerts. A key feature of Risk Analytics is restricted party screening that detects third-party threats related to anti-money laundering, politically exposed persons, and adverse media coverage.

Talking about the two products, Dun & Bradstreet Nigeria, Country Head, Womo Diriyai stated that “Finance Analytics is for business leaders who want to transform their finance operations. On the other hand, Risk Analytics enables companies to monitor an extensive assortment of risk incidents, including those reported in global and regional markets and in government and private databases. We are optimistic that the two products will receive encouraging responses in Nigeria and I firmly believe that businesses from diverse industry will utilize them to refine their operations. Nigeria’s business ecosystem is expanding at a rapid pace and we invite companies to benefit from comprehensive product catalog of Dun & Bradstreet.”

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