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Pharma & Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been at the fore-front of the battle against the global pandemic. The frontline workers have been assisting patients heroically, while putting themselves at risk. However, the industry stands at a critical juncture, and the course ahead needs to be charted with thoughtful consideration.

While investments are expected in several areas such as: pharmaceuticals, technology (especially telemedicine), medical supplies (including PPE), virtual care, etc., the industry has been impacted by a reduction in discretionary spending by patients.


The focus of Governments on healthcare is expected to increase, with renewed focus on self-reliance. In GCC, Governments have already been the main source of healthcare sector financing, accounting for ~75% of the healthcare spending, this is significantly higher than Government share of ~60% globally.

The healthcare industry consists of six key components, viz., Hospitals, Pharmaceutical players, diagnostic (laboratories), medical equipment and supplies, medical insurance, and telemedicine. D&B’s Pharma/ Healthcare sector advisory offers the following services for its clients.

D&B’s Capabilities in Pharma & Healthcare

Feasibility Study

Assessment of practicality of any proposed investment opportunity in the pharma/ healthcare sector, based on market assessment as well as technical and financial considerations.

Financial Advisory

Assessment of financial attractiveness of various investment opportunities.

Market Assessment

Analysis of market potential for any proposed investment opportunity, including analysis of market trends, competitor analysis, entry barriers, etc.

Opportunity Assessment

Assessment of potential investment opportunities and market gaps for Government and private sector clients.

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence of existing businesses, or business plans.

Market Entry Strategy

Development of growth strategy for a firm to expand in existing or new markets, potential distribution channels, focus products, competitive strategy, customer segmentation etc.

Business Planning

Development of detailed business plan and strategy, organization structure, and key operating metrics.

Export Study

Analysis of export markets to analyze the market structure, level of competition, presence of local manufacturers, applicable regulations, to develop the export strategy.

Our Success Stories

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